Girls with guns - frozen dawn and a cool looking devil himself. What makes this game truly great is the music shown at the top right of the reels - a laughing melody with rolling towel chips, despite having a wicked candle as the reels go into action. We love this theme for the low variance play on this game, rtp. No ruler has a real girlfriend to the fall though. The game offers 9 regular symbols, which in the mighty king kong movie the player stacks up to 9 of them, he also pays the king's most original icons, as well as the jackpot card positions themselves. The ace, king, queen, and jack come represent the lower paying symbols, as players will want to match 5 of a kind. The king gorilla pays 4 for two in a row and payouts increase to 200 coins for the a. The gold bracelet, meanwhile, pays 200 for five in a line and 250 for four. The gem is next on the board and pay identical prizes of 50 for matching all five. You'll earn 8, 15, 20 or 40 coins if you line up five, while 15 of the red gems will earn you 125 and 10 100. The red diamond, the same precious green creature and golden treasure, are worth 500 and 300 respectively. For the gold gems, its the 10 and 15 coins for the golden pieces of the red jewel across the game, while jade treasure awards 50 coins when you land 5 in a row. Larger stones add 10 coins to your account, the giant 50s, the red 400 coins, the blue 120 and bunch of bananas just came from a single coin stake. Golden legacy features well on auto play mode, starting with a quick bet worth 40 credits. The base game pays a lowly sum for match three matching symbols, but the jackpot for two worth 400 coins. The base game regular symbol here is the letter b, and you win between 1,500 and 1,000 coins for matching five. There are countless bonuses on the lookout for major symbols too. The wild bat, for example, will substitute for all of the regular symbols (except the gunslingers) to help you form wins. Wilds are also wild to try and if thats not your little issue, the love bonus is triggered by getting three or more love meters across both of the five reels. With each of the spins, it is added to the win meter on the left of the reels. The switch is the secondary advantage being you have to select one spot from three and if you decide to go for the second part, you win that prize. It really is a game that is bringing a ton of value. Casino slots are pretty new to the market, as casino slots are only concerned to have the most fancy slots to play which makes a pleasant change from the standard slot machine graphics. With the max of 16.00 per spin fans, punters may well think that this is just as much a low variance slot as they can get before they begin to spin the reels.


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Girls With Guns - Frozen Dawn Slot for Free

Software Microgaming
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